Episode 52 - 'Touch Your Heart' Ep. 9-10

We're back to review more 'Touch Your Heart', but we've pulled a fast one on you! This week we are only covering episodes 9-10, because, as usual, we had a lot to say and we wanted to say it all. So listen here as we talk about easter eggs that went right over Raquel's head, a distinct lack of actual legal drama, and fashion.

Episode 51 - 'Touch Your Heart' Ep. 5-8

Emily and Raquel are back with a second week reviewing 'Touch Your Heart'! We are thrilled to be talking about another legal drama because nothing gets us more excited than pretending to know literally anything about Korean Law! Watch episodes 5-8 and then come on over here to listen to us use very cool terms like 'legal precedent' and 'verdict' then pretty much give up and gossip about fictional office romances.

Episode 50 - 'Touch Your Heart' Ep. 1-4

We've started a new K drama that has our whole hearts. Both of them. This week we've been watching the first four episodes of 'Touch Your Heart' in which the most lovely K drama actress Oh Yoon Seo goes to work as a secretary for the prickly but talented lawyer Kwon Jeong Rok to research an upcoming role. Go catch up on the episodes so you can listen here as we crack into this exciting drama!

Episode 49 - 'You're Beautiful' Bonus Episode

That's a wrap on 'You're Beautiful'! We've come back to talk about some other opinions and feelings surrounding this lovely, classic little K drama. Now that we're all finished, come hang out with us as we talk about slap stick humor, the K pop lifestyle, and relationship power dynamics.

Episode 48 - 'You're Beautiful' Ep. 12-16

We have watched the final four episodes of 'You're Beautiful' and we are ready to talk. A lot. There was a lot we needed to unpack, so saddle up for an extra long episode as we lament static characters and fill in our own head-cannon endings. Here is a little hack: if you're strapped for time, just go ahead and jump 8 minutes in to skip our sleep deprived opener and get straight to the action.

Episode 47 - 'You're Beautiful' Ep. 9-12

It's another week of review with 'You're Beautiful'! This K drama is a real star, if you know what we mean. If not, you need to go catch up on the episodes and then join us here where we talk about persistent metaphors, cinna-buns, and ever-growing love polygons.

Episode 46 - 'You're Beautiful' Ep. 5-8

We've watched more episodes of 'You're Beautiful' and we are back for another week of review! This K drama has been delighting us and worrying us in ways we never could have expected. Go catch up on the episodes and then listen here as we enthuse over a new Bus Stop Girl (TM) and fret over potentially problematic plot lines.

Episode 45 - 'You're Beautiful' Ep. 1-4

We have started a new K drama, and this time around we're going classic with 'You're Beautiful'. This K drama begins when a nun takes up the role of her twin brother, Go Mi Nam, in a popular boy band. Get started on the show and then give us a listen here as we reflect on the early 2000s and how there probably should have been a ban on hair straighteners for the good of this K drama and also anyone who knew either of us at the time.

Episode 44 - 'Chicago Typewriter' Bonus Episode

We've been letting Chicago Typewriter simmer for a week, and now we're back to serve you some review soup. We're worried we've added too much salt to this K drama since we started watching it, so hopefully some viewer comments will help to spice it up. Join us this week as we try to imagine this K drama without subtitles and weigh the pros and cons of the past and present plot lines.

Episode 43 - 'Chicago Typewriter- Ep. 13-16

Emily and Raquel made a promise a long time ago that they would finish this K drama, and now they have reincarnated to bring you the review of the final episodes of 'Chicago Typewriter'. We have been haunting your computer/phone/other listening device, and now we are ready to tell you tales of romantic love, platonic love, and surprising amounts of gun violence for a K drama.

Episode 42 - 'Chicago Typewriter' Ep. 9-12

We’re a couple weeks into ‘Chicago Typewriter’ and we are starting to have some feelings! If you’ve listened along this far then you know we’ve been slow on the uptake with this one. But don’t you worry, we’re still here to talk about things we are under qualified to discuss! Go catch up on the episode and then join us here as we talk more about Korean history, bucket hat pranks, and love polygons.

Episode 41 - 'Chicago Typewriter' Ep. 5-8

We're back for a second week with Chicago Typewriter! We thought we didn't have much to say, but in the true spirit of podcasting and K drama enthusiasm we found a way to keep talking anyway. Join us here for a chat about characters we are trying to like and a history lesson where we are the only ones who learn anything.

Episode 40 - 'Chicago Typewriter' Ep. 1-4

It's time for a new K drama! This week we watched the first four episodes of 'Chicago Typewriter' where we meet Han Se Ju, a famous author who battles with writers block after his biggest fan, Jeon Seol, delivers a relic from a past life to his home. Go catch up on the episodes and then come listen to us as we chat about misery and 'Misery'.

Episode 39 - 'Descendants of the Sun' Bonus Ep.

Maybe you thought we were done here with DotS, but we really aren't! We're coming at you like a secret third ending because we still have to cover some bonus material on this drama. This week we are reading viewer comments and then shamelessly using them to help us come to terms with our own opinions on this K drama.

Episode 38 - 'Descendants of the Sun' Ep. 13-16

Oh hi there! Maybe you remember us? It’s Emily and Raquel! We’re back and we have reached the end of ‘Descendants of the Sun’! It’s been a while since we’ve reviewed this show, but we are excited to jump back in and finish up this amazing K drama. Go catch up on the finale and then come listen to us as we talk about what could have been the ending, the actual ending, and then the other ending.

Episode 37 - 'Descendants of the Sun' Ep. 9-12

We have some more reviewing to do here on DotS! As the drama picks up we are finding out just how far our expertise goes on many topics. Go catch up on the episodes, and then listen here so we can tell you how to properly apply sunscreen, how surgery actually works, and how to dress as a Very Cool Korean Man. Trust us, we’re experts.

Episode 36 - 'Descendants of the Sun' Ep. 5-8

Time for some more DotS! We are back this week to review episodes 5-8 and this K drama continues to be compelling and overwhelmingly good. Go catch up on the episodes and then join us here so we can tell you how many tears to cry, which wonderfully silly jokes to laugh at, and what outfits to never ever pack when you go to a war zone.

Episode 35 - 'Descendants of the Sun' ep. 1-4

We took a brief and unexpected break, but we are back this week and we are starting a new K drama! That's right, we started 'Descendants of the Sun' and it is very very good! Before you listen to us go catch up on episodes 1-4 of DotS where Alpha Team leader Yoo Shi Jin meets doctor Kang Mo Yeon, and they hit it off immediately, but their demanding jobs may keep them apart. Then join us back here and listen as we talk about surprisingly pleasant communication, hunger for friendships, and our very deep fear of war dramas.

Episode 34 - 'The K2' Bonus Ep.

If you've been listening up to this point then you already know that 'The K2' is one of our all time favorite K dramas, but we've talked a lot about our feelings. Enough about us! This week we are back to talk about other viewer's comments. We follow their lead in talking about romances that were, romances that could have been, and whether or not romance was even that important in this K drama.

Explicit because other people did some swears in their reviews and Raquel reads 'em like she sees 'em.

Episode 33 - 'The K2' Ep. 13-16

We've made it to the end of The K2 and we have loved every minute of drama! There was quite a tangled web of plot lines to examine in this finale, but we certainly did our best reviewing them. Go check out episodes 13-16, and then meet up with us here to think about everything the finale of this astounding K drama had to offer.